It is very important for you to have an active sexual or physical relationship now, but also consider that is essential to have psychological understanding with your partner as well as self-realization.

In the beginning of the year:
You now are becoming aware of the fact that time actually mature the relationship of a couple, and that there is a direct relationship between real sexuality on one hand, and responsibility on the other.

This month will bring more lucidity to your relationships. There will be more sexual fun in your love affairs during the month of October.

End of the year :
Every Virgo should be aware of the fact, that real sexuality requires a good physic understanding between both partners so that there can be a real union. If distrust exist or one is concealing certain aspects from the other, it is very difficult to reach real ecstasy and happiness. Obviously self-realization is something personal, but it can be accelerated and intensified when each partner is committed to conscientiously improve his/her personality and impels the other to self-understanding.

Sex with Virgo :
The virgin believes that even sex needs to be planned and practiced. They want their partner to experience the time of their life. So it is not unusual for the Virgo guy or lady to plan an erotic surprise for their lover complete with candles and perfumed towels.

Virgo Males : This man really like good girls or really bad girls, really really bad girls! You’ll probably find a huge amount of Virgo men in strip clubs, because they love fantasy! Virgo man will study different techniques, explore new methods all with that goal in mind.

Virgo Female : The important part of sex for a virgo woman is getting all the moves down perfectly. The goal of a Virgin is to make their partner feel as much pleasure as possible.

Love :
This year people will have the liberty to guide their love and social lives as per their choice. Social life will be in the background this year. You will be more involved in nurturing your present relationships rather than forgoing new love partnerships during the year.

Virgo Erogenous Zone: The Behind Area!