This year could be the year as the beginning of the “second sexuality”. You will develop a new and special curiosity about sexual matters, including a change of their affectionate and habits. Try to be patient and reflect on it since you could attempt to make hasty decision s in relation to your affectionate and sensuous life. Sexual life does not have age limit.

So, try to overcome the taboos from long ago to a certain degree to happiness of an individual in the sexual area during this phase of life. have a better understanding with your partner and it will lead you to understand yourself better.

Mid year :
To understand that being together sexually is an experiences that involves three different levels physical, emotional and mental. Thus sexuality will be referring to the sum of it all.

May-Dec :
Taurus sexual activity during this months might not be as extensive as in the earlier years of your life. However, the experience , maturity, and the mental force in many cases will be greater for you.

August :
This is the brilliant time for Aries with your partners since you will be livelier and sexually passionate in bed.

End of the year :
There will be progressive increase of sexual energy as well as control over it. . The key is high and conscious sexuality gravitate to personal self-realization and complete satisfaction in the relationship. While uncontrolled sexuality is the opposite of happiness and fulfillment in the relationship.

Sex with Taurus
Take a slow pace to win the race! For Taurus, the goal is everything is done perfectly for their satisfaction , since they will stay for a lengthy period . Start with the passionate kissing, and it is enough to arouse Taurus. Try to win the affection of Taurus from the beginning.

Taurus isn’t looking for spirit. They expect any sensual encounter to be marathon. They don’t need variety, on the other hand, they treasure consistency, reliability and trust.

Taurus Male: attract their attention by open their favorite bottle of wine, serve a little chocolate, and maybe burn some scented oils.

Taurus Female : The smell of fresh towels, coupled with soft music & silk sheets may attract her. A soft massage will work for both men and women, as long keep it slow and relaxing.

It will be a highly energetic and blissful year of you. If you are looking for romantic love rather than passionate one, chances are that you will able to meet a partner during this year. You will be successful in finding the right partner for the month of February to June and October to December.

Taurus Erogenous Zone :
The neck! Taurus likes the moments to be “spoken” to. Touching is also the key, just touch Taurus men or women, anywhere, slowly, and it will be a big turn on for Taurus.