Scorpio sexuality is nothing to take lightly. A sexual relationship with a Scorpio can leave you breathless, but it can also leave you with plenty of questions. Scoepios are passionate and intense, but they alse hold something back, to keep you guessing.

February - March :
Scorpiosexual drive will be high during these months which this will be directed towards pleasing your love in bed.

May :
There will be proressive increase of sexual energy as well as the way to control it.

August :
They are likely to be attracted to others, but if you are already in a relationship, remember to be respect to that.

End of the year :
You will tend to be very passionate, spontaneous, and ardent in the manifestation of his/her emotions, which will increase the level of energy exchange between you and partners. This will generate greater inner security in you and partner and greater ability to contend with the daily circumstances.

Sex with Scorpio :
Dominan is key to Scorpio sexuality. To put it bluntly, they always want to be on top, in control, streering the sex act. To initiate intimacy, a light massage is the perfect place to start. Lightly caress legs and back until you hear a constant legs and back until you hear a constant purr of approval. Then move into more abvious regions of pleasure to stoke the Scorpio's fiery passion. The Scorpio is an adventurous lover, willing to the explore the darker realms of lust, so be prepared. If you aren't comfortable with anything more than conventional lovemaking, a Scorpio may be a little too wild for you.

Scorpio Males : Magnetic & Charismatic without even trying. Smell good, deep penetraiting eyes, and usually a master of sex. Scorpio males take making love seriously. They love sex toys, and will be very interested in those things to enhance sex and sexual performance. Sex is not a game here, its serious business.

Scorpio Females : They doesn't waste time on frivolous relationship and pick out a person from a crowd that she will be most compatible with sexually. Scorpios is a great lover, but be very careful if you are easily hurt and too sensitive.

Love :
It suggest that excellence will be the guide while forming love partnerships and social friendships due to the presence of Saturn in the 7th House. Number of relationships does not matter so long as your rigid expectations are met. Though your social activities will be lesser, there will be more enjoyment in the few occasions you get to meet new people while on dates. It suggest that you should march ahead with your love life in June underterred by previous relationships disturbing your present affections. By September normalcy in your relationships will be restored after overcoming the volatility duting the earlier months. Read more in the Chinese horoscopes. Love for the Scorpio will be sparkling in October after you are able to solve the mysteries of affection and relationships. In November, your dreams of relationships will come true. During December , relationships will be disturbed by wrong communication and you should make efforts to keep them alive or be ready for a break up.

Scorpio Erogenous Zone: Sex organ