For Sagittarius this year, it is advisable to be prudent in everything related to your sexual life and intimate relationships. Don’t go to extremes nor adopt obsessive attitudes. Up to a certain point this wealth of vital and sensuous energy could be found a bit unrefined or unpolished. Thus you will have intense emotions, have a great need to experience, are attractive, sensuous and full of life, but also intricate or very complex.

In the beginning of the year :
It is necessary for the Sagitarius to accompany the act of making love with intensive communication, before as well as during and after. Real sexuality requires a good psychic understanding between both partners so that there can be a real union. If distrust exits or one is concealing certain aspects from the other, it is very difficult to reach real ecstasy and happiness.

May :
Love will be sexually sizzling in this month for the Sagitarius star sign.

June :
You will generously in love with your partner.

July :
Don’t be sharp in your sensuous expressions, love also requires sensitivity and politeness as well as commitment. The spirit of physical energy has to be accompanied by delivery in the psychological and emotional dominance. And even more, in superior sexuality mental communication can not exist, if there isn’t any exchange of ideas and thoughts from day to day.

August :
Both singles and married people will have more fun and frolic in bed with their partners.

Sex with Sagitarius :
Excitement and experimentation fuel the Sagittarius sexuality personality. They believe in give and take even when it comes to sex. They are always seeking new experiences, and don’t be shy away from a challenge. This lover to enjoy new love making experiences.

Sagitarius Males : This man is always seeking new experiences. If you want to get beyond the walls put up by Sagittarius, stay relaxed in your expectations and allow the Sagittarius time alone. This will keep him from feeling smothered.

Sagitarius Females : They values honesty and bluntness, almost as much as they treasure new adventures. If you want to know if something looks good on you, she is a straight shooter and won’t hold back. Many people may see this as callous and uncaring, but to this woman it is just part of telling the truth.

Love :
This year forecasts that you will be able to control your love relationships as per your wish. There will not be any sweeping changes in the Sagittarius relationships. Marriages will be stable and singes will continue to enjoy their freedom. Presence of planet Jupiter will offer you with many romantic relationships in this year. There will not be any commitment in these love relationships and they are more for fun and enjoyment. Sagittarius, you should be happy with socializing and partying with your love partner.

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