This is an excellent opportunity for the Pisces to be introduced to what is called integral sexuality, which is an essential function in a couple's life. Your loved one will feel much closer to you, and you will feel much closer to him/her. Your affectionate relationship will be revitalized, which will motivate your or impel you towarrd different aspect of your life, some already familiar, occupational or of other type. This regeneration of your inner energies and personal psychology is connected to your experience of integral sexuality.

March - April :
In love affairs you will be able to attract soul mates with your sex appeal during this months.

May :
This is the time to review possible latent issues between you, such as jealousy, secret sensitivities or egotistic attitudes of one with respect to the other.

September - October :
Pay attention to this period! From a sensuous point of view, you now will have intense emotions and sensations, but you also have to know how to transmit, motivate annd express them correctly with your partner. That is too say, you need sexual activity as a way of releasing stress, but you also have to understand that intensive communication with your companion is vital so that your relationship is maintained on an adequate level of quality.

October :
It is to fantasize about love and be intimate with your partner sexually in bed.

Sex with Pisces :
Pisces sexuality benefits from an intuition that borders on a sixth senses. They believe in emotional bonding before being sexually compatible in bed. It is more about mental satisfaction rather than physical needs.

Pisces Males : He will sense when you are happy, and strive to keep you that way. When a Pisces discovers you are sad, he will di whatever it takes to turn that frown upside down. it is also a trait that anyone in a relationship can agree in invaluable.

Pisces Females : Get her to relax, a little wine, canddlelight, and romantic music to make her turn on. Remember, they scare very easly, so don't come on the strong. Pisces sexuality also benefits from a wild imagination. They will spare no expense while planning the perfect getaway for their loved ones.

Love :
Forecast for this year you will be on profession, religion or spirituality and wealth creation. Social activities are dictated off and on by the influence of planets. Houses in the birth chart controlling your love and social lilfe are not dominant enough. You will be happy with the way things are currently in these areas.

Your social life depends on your own intiative as planets are not interfering in these engagements. Conflicts are likely in the matital life of a parental figure in this year and will linger for quite some time.

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