Sexually, you will have a blissful year. Couples planning for a child can go ahead. In bed Libra zodiac people will try their best to please their partner by trying out new sex positions.

March-April :
This will be the harmonious period for satisfying sexual life.

May-June :
This will be the phase of self-realization.

End of the year :
This will be dominated by these aspect: Desire, instinct of pleasure, and physical pleasure. It is important that desire always will be an instrument of the personality, and not the other way around, since in this case sooner or later dissatisfaction is produced. Thus, if you allow yourself to be controlled by the instinct of pleasure, you won’t have the ability to relax, to enjoy yourself and expand the relationship with your mate. Rather, a vacuum sensation exists upon channeling personal sensuous energies only toward physical pleasure. You has to learn to relax, to take your time, and to give your sensuous appetites a creative impulse, which neither more nor less is the basis of total sexuality.

Sex with Libra :
When it comes to sex, Librans prefer to have their senses enveloped in relaxing colors, sounds and smells. They need to see balance in all aspects of their sexual relations. If you give them enough time to decide, they will ensure that you give them enough time to decide, they will ensure that you have a fantastic time in bed.

Libra Males : Prissy, fussy great manners, but they like to take orders, again, don’t let them fool you, they are very masculine but actually they love to be ruled.

Virgo Females : Don’t be fooled by those dimples! Libra women seems very nice, but she wants to be the boss in the bedroom.

Love :
This year you will find more growth and bliss in love life and all the impediments will vanish due to beneficial planetary alignments. Possibility of an auspicious marriage or information of an enduring romantic relationship for the Librans is bright due to the influence of Jupiter social life will improve tremendously with the inclusion of influential and powerful contacts into your social group. Life with your spouse will be harmonious and romantic for the Libra personalities if you do not have any offspring, beginning of the year is deal for conceiving or planning for a pregnancy. Single Librans in love will be able to find ideal partners.

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