This a good time to live, study and practice total integration in your affectionate relationship, where the body the psyche and the mind collaborate toward the same end: fusion, and as a result evolution. Enjoy yourself intensely and become aware of each instant, since truelove is bound to the full awareness of each act : gesture, feeling and thought.

In the beginning of the year:
You will be expressed your feeling clearly; without shyness, disguise or any complex. Because you are now sure of your feelings and need to revitalize them by sharing openly with your partner. There is a better understanding between you and your loved one, since you experience that through your love relationship your own personal limits are transcended.

June :
You basically are hypersensitive and may feel neglected or hurt by some emotional situations that could occur. Don’t take things from a susceptible or personal point of view, since this will psychologically distort the real value that such experiences possess.

September :
This is the time to concerning your feelings. You now are responsible for the individual evolution of your companion.

Love :
Gemini will be presented with plenty of romantic opportunities in this year that can be found while dating friends and social connections. If by the end of the year you currently not involved with anyone , use this time to get yourself better and have your personal security.it will attract the opposite sex and in this case, try to be selective rather than making the wrong choice.

December :
There will be a repetition of the romantic events in this month.

Sex with Leo : Leo’s sexuality traits are based largely on ego, and that can be a double edged sword. They have a huge appetite for sex that is pretty difficult to be satisfied by a weak partner. With every kiss, touch, and thrust, they expects some sign of approval. A moan or a sigh sounds exactly like hands clapping to a Leo. That means the Leo will either keep going until hearing it, or decide the lover is frigid, and look for some other conquest.

Leo Males : To keep a Leo man from losing interest, you must play to his or her vanity. Tell him how much his love means to you, how it keeps you warm and feeling safe.

Leo Females : They are as bold and courageous as the males. They are not shy about picking men up. In the bedroom she wants the attention is only on her.

If you are in love with someone Leo and up until now have not expressed your feelings, it probably would be a good time to do it , provided that you are sure and know for certain that your selection is right. For Leo, it predicts that love can be found in social company towards the end of 2016. You may plan for a vacation with your partner to enhance your romance. The relationship of single Leos will also move to the next level. Socially things will improve in 2016 for the Lions. You are striving to make your partnerships better whenever you feel there is stagnation.

Leo Erogenous Zone
Heart ! They love attention, love to be the center of attention.