You will observe that your personal energy will increase. Real sexuality does not consist of squandering your own energy, but exchanging it in an act of psychological penetration, confidence and understanding with your partner. Never regard a sexual relationship as a simple releases of energy. The development of your own energies characterizes greater love. Established to improve yourself , but not to lose yourself! This year is also beneficial for relationship and marriage.

Beginning of the year :
It will be the periods that generates an increase of sexual energy.

August :
This will be the time to become aware of your feelings, desires, and sensations of sensual character, in order to give the right boost.

End the year :
You will be responsible for the individual evolution of you companion, and you will establish increasingly frequent contact or union points between the psyche and the mind of both persons.

Love :
Gemini will be presented with plenty of romantic opportunities in this year that can be found while dating friends and social connections. If by the end of the year you currently not involved with anyone , use this time to get yourself better and have your personal will attract the opposite sex and in this case, try to be selective rather than making the wrong choice.

Sex with Gemini :
Be Creative! Gemini is adventurous for satisfying sexual relationship both male and female. Try to prepare candle lights or aromatic sensual bath before.

Gemini Male : They are a total flirt. Gemini males are totally turned on by what they see even like porno or magazine before sex. The eyes, hands, and mouth are always engaged, and straight sexual intercourse might not to work for this man.

Gemini Female : You have to take first step, this women must be flirted with. Their nervous system is highly developed because she observes, hears and sees everything.

Gemini Erogenous Zone : Hands and arms! Give a massage and a gentle touch to these sensitive regions that helps Gemini to relax and setting the mood. Play with their finger, and treat Gemini girl like a princess, they love when a man grabs their hand and kisses it.