This year sex horoscope predicts that if you are a Capricorn in a serious relationship, there will be plenty of romance and passion. The Capricorn sexuality will charm your partner into having a blissful time. You need to be comprehensive, sensitive, respectful and communicative with your mate now, Capricorn. If you think that your loved one has offended you in some way, irritated you or has hurt your feelings, don't dramatize things and clear things up right away.

It is preferable to let your feelings flow continually, without being attached to the mistakes of the past and without holding on to the susceptibilitiesof the present. It it necessary to transcend, to have confidence in your loved one, and to observe as well as being observed. Capricorns should see love as something simple and don't complicate things simply by complicating them. Get to know yoour companion better and at the same time you will come to know yourself better.

End of the year :
You will discover more about personal feelings and love, and certainly will not be a time to be bored. You will find that the relationship to your loved ones is more placid, understanding and vital. You realize that the emotions continually have to be transformed and improved so they don't become stagnant. Furthermore for Capricorn be the end of the year 2016, if a small emotional crisis emerges in your family or relationship, you will react quickly and go direct to the point, expressing your feelings and opinions with clarity to resolve the issue. The worst that could happen in your emotional relationship now is evasion and realistic, because when you see things aas they really are, your possibilities for happiness and personal development are much greater.

Sex with Capricorn :
The Capricorn sexuality characteristics are an interisting mix on organization and chaos. They are anything but serious in bed. Playful and enjoyable are the word that describe the sexual traits of the Goat. Even though they are creatures of habits, they will be willing to try the chocolate sauce once in a while. The goal in making love for a Capricorn is climaxing together, and once again, having a plan is important. The Goat will follow certain steps, fashioned by experience, when it comes to kissing and foreplay. Despite relying on a plan, Capricorns are not always serious in bedroom.

Capricorn Males : They like laughter mixed it with their lovemaking, which lightens or nervousness. Capricorns are very in touch with their sexuality, and have no problem asking for what they want. The Goat can also be aggressive, which can start as playful pinching and develop quickly into love bites and pillow fights.

Capricorn Females : Capricorn woman are not morning people, so starting the day off by releasing some sexual energy will be difficult to do. The bedroom is expected to be a stress-free zone, where there is one goal in mind-mutual pleasure. The Capricorn's love of structure also makes her ideal for taking on a dominate role while making love.

Love :
This year predicts that the planetary aspects are not powerful in this year and your social life will be lack luster. You have to decide on the type of social activitieis you can engage yourself. There will not be any change of status of they prefer to allow things to remain in a limbo. This peacful period will provide you with opportunities to focus your attention on other areas of life. it will be prudent that you should not ignore your family and friends as you have to fall back on them in times of distress.

Capricorn Erogenous Zone: The Knees