FAQ: Male Sex IQ

Q: I’m in my late teens and I occasionally experience pain in the male region, is there a problem?

A: Any pain or discomfort could be a sign of infection. The best thing to do is to play it safe and see your doctor as soon as possible.

Q: I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for a while now and recently I’ve been having trouble gaining and then maintaining an erection. Are there some home made remedies you can recommend?

A:Stress and anxiety are big enemies of sexual performance. Try to relax and take your time, don’t over think it and talk things over with your partner.
May people will recommend different kinds or home remedies, but none of these are reliable. If pain persists, it’s best to consult your doctor.
Also drugs and alcohol can prevent you from maintaining an erection; if it’s happening after you’ve been out on the town that may be the reason.

Q: I was wondering whether asymptomatic STIs mean they don’t affect you, or do they actually affect you and you just can’t tell if you’ve got one?

 A: Asymptomatic means that the particular infection does not show symptoms i.e. you can’t tell what you might have without being tested. However you can still pass the infection onto your partner if no protection is used.
Some examples of asymptomatic STIs include Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and HIV.

Q: I’m 17 and my penis is 13cm long. I want to have sex with my partner for the first time but I’m worried I’m not big enough and that I might disappoint her. What should I do?

A: The vagina is highly adaptive and is able to extend and contract to accommodate the penis during intercourse when introduced gradually. Take your time with foreplay to ensure you’re both aroused and this will help improve the experience for both of you.

Q: Is there a time where it’s safer to have sex?

A: If you’re looking to avoid pregnancy and STIs there is not ‘safe time’. Although women are usually only fertile for a couple of days during their cycle, pregnancy is still possible at any stage as sperm can survive in the body for several days. Barrier contraception (the standard and female condom) or abstinence are the only methods for protection against various STIs.

Q: I really enjoy having sex without a condom. When I use condoms it doesn’t feel as great and sometimes can even cause me to lose my erection.

A: If you go from having unprotected sex to protected sex you will likely experience decreased sensitivity.
Its important to make sure the condom fits well and is not cutting off circulation, as it is increased blood flow that causes an erection. Next time try using Fiesta’s ultra thin condoms for that added level of sensitivity.

Q: I heard that masturbating too much can cause premature ejaculation, and that a hand is too dissimilar to a vagina. Should I try a different way or try doing it less? 

A: Masturbation is a perfectly normal and very safe sexual activity that is available to us whenever we desire. There is no right or wrong way to masturbate as long as you are not causing any damage to yourself. Masturbation will not lead to sexual dysfunction.

Q: I’m 13 and my penis is only about 10cm when I have an erection. I’m worried that it’s too small. What can I do to make it bigger?

A: The penis usually starts to grow during puberty around the age of 9-16 and it will continue to do so right up until adulthood. I wouldn’t get worried at this stage as you still have a lot more growing to do.

Q: Can you get STIs from doing something other than having sex?

A: STIs are Sexually Transmitted Infections and can be transmitted through oral, vagina or anal sex. Some are asymptomatic which means you may be infected without showing any physical signs (symptoms). Some STIs including HIV can be transmitted through shared intravenous drug use and can also be transmitted from a mother to her infant during childbirth or breastfeeding.

Q: Is it ok to keep condoms in your wallet or can it damage the condom?

A: It’s also good to be prepared, but you shouldn’t keep condoms in your wallet for an extended period of time. Always make sure the foil is sealed and there are no tears in the packaging. It is imperative that you never fold or perforate the condom!
And remember, if you do store them elsewhere; make sure they are in a place not to hot and out of direct sunlight, like a drawer, bag or glove compartment.

Q: My penis has a slight curve in it, is that normal? Is there anything I can do to change it?

A: All penises are unique and it’s very common for males to have a slight or prominent curve. However, if you experience pain during intercourse or while you have an erection it is worth going to visit your doctor just to be on the safe side.

Q: I’m 14 and I masturbate quite a lot. How often is too many times a week?

A: Everyone is unique and it is totally up to you how often you wish to masturbate. Remember that it’s a totally normal and natural thing to do. If you are doing it quite frequently, remember to use some lubricant to avoid abrasions.